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Welcome to Perrin Excavations and thank you for considering us for your excavation and earthmoving needs. We are a small Company that specializes in tight access excavation and concrete removal in Melbourne. We treat every job as if it was our own and with over 20 years experience can advise and help you to get the best result for your project.

Our Services

At Perrin Excavations, we pride ourselves on delivering a comprehensive range of expert services designed to meet all your excavation and earthmoving requirements. With a focus on precision, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, our dedicated team ensures seamless project execution and exceptional results.

Gravel for Footings in Melbourne
Gravel Driveways

Affordable and versatile driveway solutions. Customize textures and colors. Pothole filling, regrading, and new installations.

Auger/Post Hole Drilling

Efficient hole drilling with various auger sizes. Extension for deeper holes. Convenient hole cleaners, saving time and effort.

Site Excavation/Trenches

Detailed excavation service for trenches and footings. Accessible with a 2-tonne excavator in narrow spaces. Canopy removal capability.

Tight Access Excavation

Easy property access with minimal width requirements. No height limitations. Ideal for limited access areas and small spaces.

Site Clearing & Levelling

Initial land clearing for construction projects. Stump, retaining wall, and debris removal. Efficient yard leveling and site preparation.

Driveway Concrete in Melbourne
Concrete & Brick Removal

Professional concrete removal services with specialized machinery. Effective and efficient handling of backyard and driveway concrete.

Our Overall Services Includes

From specialized excavation to expert demolition, Perrin Excavations offers a comprehensive range of solutions to meet all your construction needs with precision and care.

Limited access excavation Melbourne
Tight access excavation Melbourne
Mini diggers Melbourne
Small machinery hire Melbourne
Small space excavation services
Mini diggers for tight access
Post holes for fence posts
Post holes for footings
Post holes for stumps
Trenches Melbourne
Detailed excavation Melbourne
Trenches for footings
Site clearing levelling Melbourne
Brick removal Melbourne
Concrete removal Melbourne